My Story

I remember the exact moment when I had a therapist ask me if I knew I had been brainwashed.


I didn’t.


It took this level of rock bottom to force me to change.  


I had to face some very difficult truths. Recovery from a toxic environment became the most important thing.   I had one goal and that was to go from just trying to survive to actually thriving and I had to fight like hell to get me back.  


So I did.


I found my fight.

I used my grit.

I held nothing back.

I burned my excuses.

It was literally do or die.


I made tools. 

I built resources.

I created these for others too and I can’t wait to share them with you as you journey home into the person you want to be.


It’s my goal as a mentor and a coach to help you grow yourself, remember yourself, and recreate yourself in a judgment free, safe space.  


When everything falls apart and you’re still here, you get to decide how you want to put yourself back together. 


It’s a sacred journey to discover and create the amazing person that is you.


I can’t wait to walk with you through it.


"You didn't choose the hurt but you can choose to heal"

My Mission

Lighthouse Academy Mission Statement

I named my program Lighthouse Academy because I want to teach others to be the light in the dark.  The ebbs and flows of life can feel like the waves crashing on a rocky shore, you may never know what’s coming next and thinking of the next wave is overwhelming.  I want to remind you that there’s always a way back home to your authentic self.  


My Plan the Compass that will Guide our Journey Together

A proven program for healing trauma and confusion to unshakable inner peace, and clarity

A step by step course to reprogram those negative limiting beliefs about yourself and life into an empowered you who is able to manifest the life you want

A measurable way to track your progress to ensure growth in the most important areas of your life

An excited on fire soul sister who will hold you accountable, and support you, so that you can ride any wave that comes your way as you transform your soul and your life.


The ultimate goal is to teach you how to love yourself and the life you’re living