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What exactly does a life coach do?  It's a bit of a buzz word so let's clarify! 


As a life coach I am a partner with you on designing the life you want.  Each session is a judgment free zone & confidential.  I will listen and hold space for you.  Together we will take an honest look at the past with the focus of how if effects your behavior and life now.  We will look at patterns and habits that will help you to heal.  We will create goals, and changes based on your values in order to help you move forward.   Transforming your pain into your power.

Clarity of mind and unshakable peace comes from knowing your values, embracing your gifts, and becoming sure of who you are and who you're becoming.  In short we are honoring who you are now and opening the door to the next version of yourself. 


1:1 for deep intensive work tailored to your life

Group Coaching 
Learn, Heal, & Build Community

  • Coaching designed to bring out your authentic self!

    1 hr

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