When we experience trauma it’s not just the event itself, it’s the compounded feelings and thoughts that pile up behind it.  Our brain freezes and it’s hard to process what has happened. Our brain isn’t even able to process information like it did before.  These unprocessed emotions are what keep us stuck in anger, grief, overwhelm and overall great distress.  EMDR helps to process and re organize these memories.


It’s simple to use and actually reminds me of Pong.  I totally just dated myself!  Follow the directions and write whatever answers come to you at the time.  I’ve been surprised with how amazing the experience was at detangling thoughts and helping me even understand why some things were so difficult.


Ok, that all sounds rather vague.  I’m going to tell you a story.


One afternoon when it was time to get to my session I was a little unsure about what my target should be.  Each session you have a target, a limiting belief that you want to break away from.  The system asks you questions and then restates it for you.  Even this can be mind blowing.  


This particular afternoon I was feeling the sting of some criticism.  


I knew it had no merit, and I knew it didn’t change anything but I was feeling it.  My reaction was deeper than the event called for.  


I sit down and log into my Virtual EMDR account.  The program asked me how it felt in my body, and asked me to type out any specific visuals, smells, or sounds that came to mind as I was thinking about why the criticism felt so rotten.  


It felt rather random to be honest, but it wasn’t.  


The brain is an association machine. For example: When I hear the word banana, I think of running.  Doesn’t make sense to you, but it does to me WHEN I follow the rabbit trail of memory.  I think of running because after every race I’ve done they hand out bananas.  My mind associates banana with race.  Similar if you hear a song that was popular the year you graduated high school.  If you hear that song later on you’ll think of that last epic or not so epic year.


Here I was thinking: criticism.  In my body I felt my heart beat faster, I felt my breath come quicker, and my throat tighten.  I felt - fear.  


Criticism = fear.  


Then it asked me if there were any images that were coming up.   I made the connection.  I saw her face.  Right before my narcissistic parent would go on destruction mode it always started with being extremely critical.  


Long after I was grown, long after I went no contact, I still carried this connection of criticism with danger.  My brain was telling my body to get ready for a whole lot of insane trouble.  


This awareness has forever changed my results with criticism.  


After selecting the target you choose how much time you need to desensitize you wilth this association.  It’s uncomfortable to feel the physical sensations and to sit in the memories.  I had to remember that I’m doing this in order to have them loose their grip on me.  It’s time to let this pain go.


After the 5 - 30 min is up it goes back to a white screen and it will walk you through creating an empowering belief to replace the negative one.  Like I am worthy of love, I am enough, I trust myself…..  


You will notice a difference within 3-15 sessions for sure. 


I am a survivor of CPTSD and I found I started to see massive improvement after 5 sessions and amazing results after 15 sessions.   


I am so happy to share this with you and I hope it helps you on your healing journey.


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